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Business requirements is all we do

Digital Mosaic is in the business of helping companies get a more complete picture of their business requirements for new implementations much earlier in the project cycle. What makes us different is our accelerated approach to needs assessment- we can typically compress the front end of your project cycle by 50%, while improving your overall business requirements quality. Our team keeps your group focused on elaborating the business process behind the technology, and we extract from your subject experts a more complete picture of how your business processes work, and the data required to support the process.

Clients come to us because they know that larger projects can get stuck in a continuous state of discovery and will typically overrun 200% to 300% in elapsed time to complete the requirements stage. These clients know that a poorly controlled requirements discovery stage is undermining project performance and the attainment of business benefits. Other clients work with our process because they cannot attain the same level of subject matter expert efficiency internally. Where each day of a 15 person project consumes over $10,000 in internal wage costs alone, Digital Mosaic's ability to compress the timetable and optimize scheduling cuts project costs and frees strategic resources for use on other initiatives.

We help your project team address the following problems:

  • Making the Process efficient for stakeholders: We coordinate the 30 to 300 stakeholders that might be involved in defining the requirements and ensure that time is used effectively. Using our facilitation teams, sessions are efficient, and stakeholders will report that time was well-spent. Our team will help you get the right level of collaboration - and consensus on a more thorough document.
  • Ensuring your requirements are complete: Our team brings the ability to assure that the right questions are asked at the right time to assure objectivity and completeness. We can show your team how to test not only that the templates contain all the information expected, but also show your team how to test a process model to determine if it is likely that subject experts forgot to tell us something important.
  • Ensuring that the timetable stays right on schedule: Even on the largest of multi-month projects, our team is able to forecast the daily schedule of meetings and adhere to this schedule +/- a few days. This level of control is needed where a company is dealing with a more strategic project that crosses organizational boundaries. The ability to forecast which people need to be involved in setting requirements, with what skills/knowledge, and for how long, vastly improves organizational participation in an initiative - and - the quality of the result.


Our focus is on creating a structure that business users clearly understand. Our methodology enables business users to discuss and agree on requirements in their terms, while capturing sufficient information to enable technologies to translate these needs into systems. We are able to help clients improve scope control, highlight show-stoppers and capture key questions that must be answered by stakeholders and design teams. This approach has been used to improve satisfaction with IT systems and departments since our approach so clearly translates business needs into technology solutions

Business requirements work is all we do. We have structured approaches to help clients:

Planning functionality enhancements to systems

Building long-term efficiency and a more collaborative reworking of system functionality.

Prepare for wholesale system change and migration

Faster implementation of high benefit projects that build your competitive position and automate precise business processes.

Package implementation planning

Certainty and objectivity for projects where customization or inter-departmental implementation is required.

Development triage and renewal

Regaining project control.

Rapid Application Development

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