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Aligning IT to business, sizing projects, business case building
-Determine Business Scope
-Optimize SME Participation

Accelerating the quality and speed of needs assessments, requirements elicitation and requirements documentation
-Scope & Feasibility Assessment
-Business Requirements Definition
-Audit requirements/Triage projects

Tools, templates and specialist practices for selecting and managing vendors
-Getting Solutions that Fit
-Issue and Evaluate RFPs

Business case building, research, market planning
-Get a Mosaic Analyst
-Research & Business Case Assist

Pragmatic training for improving business analyst productivity
-Course 1: Business Requirements
-Course 2: Lead & Facilitate
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Get a precise plan of action for completing business requirements

Getting business requirements right requires forethought, and a solid plan for organizing the input of 30 to 300 stakeholders...

Executives come to Digital Mosaic because we can help you optimize subject matter expert (SME) participation on a project. On complex assignments, we are typically able to forecast +/- a few days over a multi-week engagement the amount of time needed to extract business requirements. This level of tactical forecasting provides project managers with a comprehensive plan and meeting schedule to assure that the right people participate in requirements gathering, and, that their time is well spent. Together we optimize the plan to adjust it to calendar and strategic priorities. Our team will typically find a way to cut the time required of stakeholders by 50% to complete the capturing and documenting of business requirements - resulting in significant savings in time and effort.

Poor or inappropriate stakeholder participation is a leading cause of failure for projects. Using Digital Mosaic's services, a project manager can be assured that they have determined how much time is needed of subject matter experts, and then secure the right level of commitment from management. When dealing with multiple sites with many nuances on business language, a more collaborative approach to extracting business requirements typically leads to better articulated requirements, and, reduced resistance to change. However, to achieve this objective and get effective collaboration, greater plan clarity is required.

Getting Started

Send us your project description. We often save months in elapsed time, while getting a detailed plan of action assembled for project managers to complete the business requirements stage of a project.

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Take a look at Getting Business Requirements Right: Fixing the highest leverage stage in the systems development life cycle our white paper on the effect of improving scope and requirements clarity.

Business analyst services

White Paper

Getting Business Requirements Right: Fixing the highest leverage stage in the systems development life cycle

Client Quotes

"I find this methodology to be extremely efficient and effective in getting a project started as well as moving the process along. Wonderful session!"

"I have learned more throughout these weeks with you than I ever could have imagined. I am so excited to use what I have learned and to also show others."

"Where have you been???!!! We’ve needed you for a long time!"

"I can’t wait to see the outcome of our business with this process being used."

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