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Aligning IT to business, sizing projects, business case building
-Determine Business Scope
-Optimize SME Participation

Accelerating the quality and speed of needs assessments, requirements elicitation and requirements documentation
-Scope & Feasibility Assessment
-Business Requirements Definition
-Audit requirements/Triage projects

Tools, templates and specialist practices for selecting and managing vendors
-Getting Solutions that Fit
-Issue and Evaluate RFPs

Business case building, research, market planning
-Get a Mosaic Analyst
-Research & Business Case Assist

Pragmatic training for improving business analyst productivity
-Course 1: Business Requirements
-Course 2: Lead & Facilitate
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Make the Process of Eliciting Requirements Repeatable

Digital Mosaic specializes in optimizing the initiation phases of projects through to the transformation of this project into technology project with a clearly defined scope. We focus on the business analysis function, and enhancing the efficiency of this team in working with business stakeholders. The result is better defined requirements, and clearer project management of early stage initiatives.

Software process improvement efforts can generally reduce cycle times for development by 30% to 40% (DoD, 1999). Requirements alone do not do this, but getting this right is the first step and an enabler to broader process improvement. This perspective is validated by a number of research sources that found the average development project is between 30% and 40% rework. When researchers at SEI studied organizations moving from CMM1 to CMM2/CMM2 to CMM3, the only difference in execution for the organization with the greatest productivity gain (67%) was a focus on requirements elicitation and management. (Herbsleb, 1994).

For our clients we bring:

Ask yourself:

On an ongoing basis, would your IT organization be able to develop systems faster if the business requirements were better documented?

At the early stage of defining a project, do your project managers have a role that links your project management process to your process for building business requirements?

When implementing an ERP or major piece of software, would your project team benefit from more readily isolate customization requirements and details?



Training busienss analysts to do needs assessment

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GETTING BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS RIGHT: Fixing the highest-leverage stages in the System Development Life Cycle

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