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Determine Project Scope: Getting agreement on Business Scope for technology projects

For some companies, the scope of a project never seems to lock down, even as projects enter the latter stages of development. For these companies expensive surprises happen despite strong project management. Project executives at these companies typically have scope statements that do an excellent job of answering: 1) what technology they wish implemented and 2) what benefits they want from the initiative or 'business capabilities' they need added to the company as a result of implementation. However, this 'technology-centric' approach to defining scope can lead to poor project control.

Digital Mosaic helps a team pin down the third aspect of scoping: locking down the business scope of a project. Our team quickly works with your team to focus the project back onto the business processes affected by a project. We are excellent at uncovering functional interdependencies, and forecasting exactly how much time will be required from stakeholders in completing the business requirements assessment while we work with your team to remove the ambiguity surrounding exactly which business processes are in and out of project scope.

Crystallize your Project

Even the largest of technology initiatives can be crystallized in weeks rather than months. This means, within weeks, having:

  • Clearly defined business scope with specific process areas described as in or out of scope. We reduce the ambiguity and project managers have better described business scope to manage.
  • Consensus on which departmental stakeholders are impacted. Our team organizes the 30 to 300 stakeholders on a project to determine who needs to input on what subject.
  • A roadmap to completing requirements which optimizes the use of your subject matter experts in a project. Our team forecasts the daily meeting calendar over the next days, weeks or months of the project, and works with your team to optimize this schedule. Your team then knows exactly what to expect in participation to get business requirements documented.

A crystallized project has clearer project scope - and - a clear plan of action to take the project through requirements discovery - and - strengthened agreement from stakeholders to participate in requirements sessions. Such a project is well set-up for success.

Getting Started

Send us your project description. We often save months in elapsed time, while getting a detailed plan of action assembled for project managers to complete the business requirements stage of a project.

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White Paper

Getting Business Requirements Right: Fixing the highest leverage stage in the systems development life cycle

Client Quotes

"I find this methodology to be extremely efficient and effective in getting a project started as well as moving the process along. Wonderful session!"

"I have learned more throughout these weeks with you than I ever could have imagined. I am so excited to use what I have learned and to also show others."

"Where have you been???!!! We’ve needed you for a long time!"

"I can’t wait to see the outcome of our business with this process being used."

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