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Aligning IT to business, sizing projects, business case building
-Determine Business Scope
-Optimize SME Participation

Accelerating the quality and speed of needs assessments, requirements elicitation and requirements documentation
-Scope & Feasibility Assessment
-Business Requirements Definition
-Audit requirements/Triage projects

Tools, templates and specialist practices for selecting and managing vendors
-Getting Solutions that Fit
-Issue and Evaluate RFPs

Business case building, research, market planning
-Get a Mosaic Analyst
-Research & Business Case Assist

Pragmatic training for improving business analyst productivity
-Course 1: Business Requirements
-Course 2: Lead & Facilitate
-All Our Courses

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Mosaic Mindshare is a group of executives, consultants, and partners that stand behind our solutions.

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Our executive consultants are people who have run billion dollar data centers, have managed carrier services for large telecommunications firms, or have written the book on managing value in technology. Our approach attracts industry and technology function experts that want to have an impact on the way technology projects impact business success. Each of our executive consultants has over 15 years experience in executive roles, understands solution value, and can provide advice in situations where

  • A robust change program must be implemented as part of a solution.
  • A client wants access to an advisor that can help at an executive level in their project.
  • A specialist is needed to provide industry or business function best practices as part of a larger solution.

Mosaic executive consultants join us because they want to offer the Digital Mosaic approach to extracting business requirements to their clients, or they wish for Digital Mosaic to commercialize their intellectual capital.


More than a dozen Mindshare partners work with Digital Mosaic to either provide specialized methods and delivery capability to support Digital Mosaic's customers, or provide our methods and processes to their customers. We have carefully selected our Mindshare Partner group to ensure care in service delivery, and we seek partners which have a singular focus on quality. Ours is a practical approach to partnering where we:

  • find that there is strong synergy in our business objectives.
  • are able to show clients a clear and valuable solution.
  • Can find a practical approach for developing opportunities together.

For our Mindshare Partners we have joint lead generation programs and invite innovative proposals from prospective partners.


Systems development is now global with increasing volumes of development and maintenance activity moving to off shore developers. Digital Mosaic works with off-shore firms looking to improve the strength of systems specification documentation or and need on site facilitators to conduct requirements sessions with clients. For these partners, Digital Mosaic has a specialized approach to integrating methods and documentation formats to optimize systems delivery efficiency.

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