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Aligning IT to business, sizing projects, business case building
-Determine Business Scope
-Optimize SME Participation

Accelerating the quality and speed of needs assessments, requirements elicitation and requirements documentation
-Scope & Feasibility Assessment
-Business Requirements Definition
-Audit requirements/Triage projects

Tools, templates and specialist practices for selecting and managing vendors
-Getting Solutions that Fit
-Issue and Evaluate RFPs

Business case building, research, market planning
-Get a Mosaic Analyst
-Research & Business Case Assist

Pragmatic training for improving business analyst productivity
-Course 1: Business Requirements
-Course 2: Lead & Facilitate
-All Our Courses

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Digital Mosaic's professional services fall into five categories:

  • Providing business analysts to support business planning or technology business case initiatives.
  • Using our team to elicit business requirements and conducting accelerated needs assessments.
  • Managing the systems development life cycle and delivery partners for systems delivery initiatives.
  • Helping your team to better manage the value of technology initiatives and alignment of technology to the business.
  • Training business analysts to be successful in eliciting requirements from stakeholders.
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At the core of our organization is a our accelerated approach to working with stakeholders and conducting an efficient, yet comprehensive needs assessment.


Our clients include some of the world's largest companies such as CitiCapital, UPS and Allstate. For these companies we are specialist business analysts that help them compress their project cycle. Our team has been active across a variety of industry and process areas. Retailers such as Wendy's in cash and inventory controls, Banks such as Scotia Bank and Fleet, insurers like Standard Life in training and Aetna in systems and application management, and manufacturers like Xerox in working with business analysts Rab Design and Nailor Industries in improving systems management. Digital Mosaic's principals bring our clients pragmatic approaches for accelerating the gaining of consensus on needs, and executing with precision. We understand the risks and trade-offs in solution alternatives.


For our clients, time is money. We bring specialists to accelerate their projects and achieve results faster. We assemble business cases, source solutions, implementation partners, and outsourcing solutions. We do these as RFP managers or agents depending on the solution complexity in the areas of:

    Intensive skills building programs for the business analyst, and specialist practices in research and commercialization.

Our core services are groups of Mosaic services backed by unique capabilities we bring to the market. Our criteria are that these capabilities:

  • Surround a strong set of proven assets that we bring to large clients:
    - Methodologies, tools and technology, references, infrastructure, and specialized professionals with experience in delivering results.
  • Target a specific challenge in improving return on IT investments
    - Building momentum on technology initiatives, optimizing technology resource allocation, transitioning to high availability computing.
  • Bring outstanding benefit to customers
    - We can help quantify the benefit, show how we can deliver results faster, and have large customers that rely on our approach.

What one of our clients said to us:

"Thanks so much for your expert help on what seemed like an overwhelming task!"

"This has been great direction for our organization."

"I have learned more throughout these weeks with you than I ever could have imagined. I am so excited to use what I have learned and to also show others."

"I can’t wait to see the outcome of our business with this process being used."

"Where have you been???!!! We’ve needed you for a long time!"

"I find this methodology to be extremely efficient and effective in getting a project started as well as moving the process along. Wonderful session!"


“This training sure makes a difficult task become manageable!”
Monaco Coach Corporation


"Your team brought the project together and gave us excellent value ... You helped us get objective data to management so that our team could focus on making the key decisions... [We got] traction on an initiative that could possibly drop hundreds of thousands of dollars to our bottom line."
Tech Data Canada


"You showed us the right questions to ask and when to ask them."
Monaco Coach Corporation


“The flow of your training was structured and as effective as your methodology. The high level of professionalism was maintained at all times. This course was very useful. I’ve struggled with starting the documentation process – this will be a valuable tool.”
Xerox Capital Services

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